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Fight for Irish Independence ARTICLES IN THE GRANGE BOOK (6)

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These Grange Book articles (save one of them) are about Ireland's fight for independence, particularly in the early 1920s.

Detailed accounts of the Grange Ambush in 1920, the murder of five IRA men at Caherguillamore in December 1920, the imprisonment of Volunteer Martin O'Dwyer in England following the Caherguillamore incident and the murder of Limerick Mayor, Seoirse (George) Clancy at his residence in 1921 are chronicled.

The Grange Ambush took place on 8th November 1920 in the vicinity of the Camogue River Bridge in Lower Grange, when a poorly trained and equipped group of IRA Volunteers took on the might of the British forces and more than acquitted themselves well in the battle that ensued. The article was written by Pat Murnane.

A dance organised and held by the IRA at Caherguillamore House on 26th December 1920 was raided by Crown forces including the infamous Black-and-Tans. Five brave local Irish men as follows died after being shot: Captain Martin Moloney, Lieutenant John Quinlan, Volunteer Edmond Moloney, Volunteer Daniel Sheehan and Volunteer Harry Wade. All five are buried in a Republican plot in the cemetery at Grange Church. The article was written by John Gallagher.

Martin O'Dwyer, IRA Volunteer, was present at the Caherguillamore incident. Like a large number of his comrades, he was sentenced by the Crown to penal servitude in England. He was confined to strict prison regimes for a year before he was released from Dartmoor Prison in January 1922. Martin O'Dwyer subsequently acquitted himself with distinction as a Senator, Chairman of Limerick County Council and as co-founder and chairman of the Golden Vale organisation. The article was written by Teresa O'Dwyer Pinschmidt and John Pinschmidt.

Seoirse (George) Clancy was a man of great academic ability and one of Ireland's greatest patriots in pursuit of independence. He was also a renowned and highly respected politician, and it was while serving as the Mayor of Limerick that he was murdered by agents of the Crown at his residence on 7th March 1921, in he presence of his wife, Maire, who was wounded. Jack Clancy wrote the article.

Ned Treacy became a Battalion Staff Officer in the East Limerick Brigade IRA. He distinguished himself against Crown forces, amassing a wealth of wondrous and daring exploits to his name. Ned was also an accomplished hurler who played in both the Fedamore and Limerick colours. Harry Greensmith wrote the article.

The Battle of Holycross in September 1942 occurred well after Ireland's freedom was secured. The article was written by de Lacy.

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