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Growing Up and After ARTICLES IN THE GRANGE BOOK (9)

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These Grange Book articles are about accounts of growing up in Grange, life experiences thereafter and recalling the past.

Seamus Hourigan chose a selection of writings in the Vale Star by the great Grange contributors, Michael Lombard and Nora Hourigan.

Tommy Hourigan, Brendan Madden, Fr John Donworth and Tom Bulfin of Camass recalled their growing up years in Grange with great sentiment and nostalgia.

Pat Clancy delved into the writings of his uncle, John G (Jack) Clancy, reminding us of how different and simple life was in the past.

Stories by that beautiful writer, Tom Buckley of Caherguillamore, are reproduced for the enjoyment of the reader. Tom's ability to observe life closely and to write on what he saw in poetic language, creating wonderful imagery, is immediately evident.

Mike Barry's accounts of his only experience of being 'passengered' on a Grange motorcycle and his observations on the prevalence of motorcycles in the Middle East are fascinating.

Michael J Quinlan, archaeologist and author sets the scene for a number of folklore items selected from a large number published in a Special Folklore Edition of The Lough Gur & District Historical Society Journal (No 7 - 1991). The authors of the selected stories are Michael J Quinlan, Annie O'Keeffe, Michael Madden, Father Brown, Michael Lombard, Danny O'Riordan and his wife, John Farrell, Tom McNamara and Phil Russell.

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