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The Kathy Tiernan Painting Collection

Kathy Tiernan is an accomplished artist, whose paintings are highly regarded, admired and enjoyed locally in the Grange/Lough Gur area and well beyond County Limerick. Kathy was kind enough to permit two of her paintings to appear in the Grange Book, published in 2015.

Kathy is modest and private in her self-portrait, satisfied to describe herself with an economical but poetic use of words. Clearly, her artistry is not confined to the magic of her brush.

"I grew up near the foot of the Hill of Allen in Kildare, where you could see the brown bogland for miles and smell the purple heather and green fern.

Today, I live near another magical hill at Lough Gur, with its grey stone reminders of the past embedded in the soil.

I try to capture that ancient Celtic shadow in what I paint. Sometimes, I succeed, sometimes, I don't."

Kathy may be contacted as follows:   Mobile phone: +353 (0)86 077 8787   Email:

                                                                  Kathy's ArtLimerick link - Click Here

What follows are photographs of a selection of Kathy's paintings. We are grateful to Kathy, and we hope that viewers will derive great pleasure from gazing upon them, perhaps repeatedly. We wish good things for Kathy into the future, and we look forward to enjoying her works of art.

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